I am Naomi Clarke, soon to be Mrs Roberts...Whoop whoop. And I am the Mother of Naoshea's.

This was all a wonderful accident. After losing my Beloved Father in 2006, then being blessed with what would be my last pregnancy, I decided I no longer could work in the mainstream corporate world.


It drained the hell out of me, and with Daddy dying so young, I knew I had to take charge of my happiness in case I was to suffer the same fate. 

me n michael.jpg

So The Naoshea's Brand started as an alternative Skin Care range in 2008, all Shea Butter Based, as my eldest Sun suffered with Eczema and I hated the thought of giving him the nasty doctors cream... Long story short, It was a hit. Naoshea's name grew for that, but in the background, I sang in Reggae groups, Maintained my family's Locked Crowns and also became a Doula (Loved that sooooo much)

To cut an even Longer story shorter, the Loc's took over. Starting with just family, they told their friends, who told their friends and BOOM... I was a Loctitian. Now with over 10 years under my belt. I have the most delectable Client base and Love life to the maximum.

Who am I?


Oh I'm also a very proud Grandmother to my Daughter's perfect Sun.

That's Naoshea's in a nutshell. My Clients are like Family. Chosen Family, and Its an Awesome Family to be the Mother of!!